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Customer Success Festival Amsterdam 2024

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About Customer Success Festival Amsterdam 2024

What is Customer Success Festival?

Whether you’re tackling onboarding, churn mitigation, or renewals, you’ll leave rejuvenated and ready to implement your newly acquired insights and tactics.

📈 Keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends and benchmark your strategy against the best in the business.

💡 Meet those in the same role as yourself, facing the same challenges, and crowdsource key solutions.

🤝 Build a network of trusted customer success advisors and forge meaningful connections.

ROI of customer success: transform satisfaction into revenue growth
Data-driven customer success: unlock the power of data to drive customer engagement and retention
Scalable CS framework: build a framework that can adapt to the growing needs of your business
Elevating customer experience: create an exceptional customer journey that stands out in the market
Mastering CS metrics: measure and track key performance indicators to make data-driven decisions
Optimise and automate your CS operation using AI to drive efficiency and scalability
Uncover the secrets of efficient collaboration with sales, product and marketing

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May 15 - 16, 2024

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Oct 2023


Customer Success Manager 

at Hivebrite

This was a really great event to network, take a gander at what other community managers are doing, what types of products are in the market today to enable community management. It is a really well run event. I had an amazing time and I will definitely be going back again next year.


Oct 2023


VP of Client Experience 

at PathFactory

I really appreciate the opportunity to speak at the Customer Success Festival. I liked the collaboration with the person that I work with Lisa. I just thought the whole process there was great. We collaborated on what we felt that the audience would like to hear and I did hear positive things after my session. And again, it was very easy to put that on. So loved the format, loved participating, love the sessions that I could attend as well. So again, thank you so much CS C and appreciate the opportunity and look forward to future events.


Sep 2023

Julie Ziegler

Senior Manager Customer Success 

at Chorus Innovations

CS Fest was awesome. As always, the speaker lineup is fantastic. I really like that this year, there were more panel sessions and interactivity but overall great location, great speakers, great setup, just fantastic event.

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