The Eventible Scoring

Eventible encourages attendees to review events by rating several aspects and leaving detailed open-ended feedback. While all events are unique and event experiences are very subjective, there are certain features almost all events have in common.

By asking the attendees to focus on these commonalities, Eventible is able to calculate an Eventible score per event that lets future event attendees make better decisions about which event is the right event for them.

Features Of The Eventible Score

Our unique scoring model brings only the best events to the top of the pile.

Eventible calculates one Eventible score for each event featured on the website.
This Eventible score takes into consideration only reviews by people who actually attended the event in question thereby minimizing the risk of being misled by event promoters.
Eventible takes the information provided by the reviewer and calculates an average score per reviewer taking into consideration their likelihood to recommend the event, their overall event experience, as well as their specific online or in-person experiences.
The Eventible score for the event as a whole is a weighted average of these reviewer scores.
Reviews that contain more information about the event are weighted more heavily than reviews that provide little information.
Whether the review in question is low-scoring or high-scoring has no influence on how much the review counts for the weighted average that is the Eventible score. It only matters that the reviewer shared high-quality information.