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2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum

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About 2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum

The 2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum is a transformative gathering of influential leaders, visionaries, and changemakers from around the world who are committed to advancing gender equality, diversity, and women’s empowerment in leadership roles across all sectors.
his empowering forum serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and action to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women leaders in today’s rapidly changing world.

Key themes and topics to be explored at the forum include:
Leadership Development and Skills Enhancement: Gain insights into effective leadership strategies, communication techniques, and negotiation skills to empower women leaders to excel in their professional journeys.
Breaking Barriers and Overcoming Challenges: Hear inspiring stories and learn from successful women leaders who have shattered glass ceilings, overcome obstacles, and forged paths to success in traditionally male-dominated industries.
Fostering Diversity and Inclusion: Explore the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership, and discuss strategies for creating inclusive workplaces and driving organizational change to ensure equal opportunities for all.
Mentorship and Networking: Engage in networking opportunities and connect with mentors, peers, and role models who can provide guidance, support, and mentorship to aspiring women leaders.
Advocacy and Policy Reform: Discuss the role of advocacy and policy reform in advancing gender equality and women’s rights, and explore ways to influence policy decisions, legislation, and corporate practices to create a more equitable society.
The 2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum offers a dynamic platform for women leaders and allies to share experiences, exchange ideas, and inspire one another to drive positive change and create a more inclusive and equitable world for future generations.
Join us at the 2024 Women’s Global Leadership Forum to be part of this transformative movement and contribute to building a brighter, more gender-balanced future.

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May 07 - 08, 2024

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United States

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The WILD Network

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Amy Babishonline | speaker

Somatic Relationship Coach , Amy Babish, LLC


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Need for technical streamlining and excellent experience facilitating the community conversation with immense interest.
What did you like best about the event?
The event welcomed people from all backgrounds and embraced an equity based foundation for participants.
What could the organizers do to improve the event?
Pick either using zoom or an app. This was confusing for participants and speakers. The TA team had different information from the speakers.
Overall experience
Networking opportunities
Technical support for setting up the session
Interactivity with the audience
Quality of the audience
Overall Online Experience
Navigation of virtual platform
Troubleshooting technical issues

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Very Likely
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