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Aaron Bollinger

Owner, Chief Builder & Gardener

Casa B Austin

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United States


I previously built and led the revenue team at Kronologic, co-founding the company and growing it from $0 -> $4.5 Million in ARR Sales and $100 Million in Valuation with $20 Million in investment from Silverton - all within 30 months of launch. Throughout my career, I've focused on creating and evangelizing innovative new technologies. Previously part of the team at BazaarVoice (formerly NASDAQ:BV), I built out a global team that increased pipeline by 300% and annual bookings by 500% - pushing both above $10MM ARR. Prior to BazaarVoice, I was a one of the founding sales/ biz dev hires at KickApps and helped build the company over 5 years through 3 VC rounds and onto to $5 Million in annual revenue and profitable acquisition. 2 Time SXSW Speaker -> Voracious Learner with an ever-growing bookshelf.

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Current Position

Owner, Chief Builder & Gardener at Casa B Austin


Business, Management, Sales, Film