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Alex Hormozi

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Deciding to skip business school to start my own gym in 2013 changed my life forever. Here’s what happened next: 2013-2016: Launched United Fitness in Huntington Beach, CA, and grew to 6 locations 2016: Founded Gym Launch and switched from privately owning gyms to doing in-person turnarounds 2017: We transitioned from in-person turnarounds to a licensing business and helped over 4500+ facilities transform their businesses. 2019: Our supplement company, Prestige Labs, launched to help those gyms create another profit center and provide their customers with high-quality nutritional products. 2020: Started ALAN; a software company that helps brick and mortar businesses get twice as many people in the door on average for one-third the price of a front desk admin. Founded, an active Value Acceleration Capital firm, that focuses on low mid-market service-based businesses doing $1M-$10M. 2021: We sold our majority shares of ALAN to a strategic partner and sold a 66% stake in Gym Launch and Prestige Labs to American Pacific Group. I could not have imagined any of this was possible back in December 2016 when my bank account balance fell to just $1,036 after making a series of poor decisions. Today our fund allows us to participate as minority partners (20-33% typically) to provide what we call “majority work for minority stakes” and use the same models that helped scale each of our companies and create value for our customers. For Leila and me, this is our passion. If you own a: 1) Service based business 2) Brick & mortar chain 3) E-Learning Company 4) Tech-enabled service And are … 1) Doing $1m-$10m in EBITDA 2) Profitable and growing 3) Bootstrapped (no complex cap tables/outside investors) ...and would like to triple your business in 60 months (or we give back our equity and you can keep the invested capital) -->Reach out at And if you're below that revenue/EBITDA, we’ve created resources to help entrepreneurs get to that point for free. You can grab free courses, books, articles here: 🔗Youtube @Alex Hormozi 🔗Instagram @Hormozi 🔗Twitter @alexhormozi 🔗Podcast: The Game with Alex Hormozi 🔗 #1 Best Selling Book: $100MM Offers (100,000+ copies, 3000+ 5-stars on ''the zon'') 🔗 Free Courses at

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