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Alex S. Qi

Co-Founder | CEO


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Spending significant time working/studying in North America, Asia, and Europe has lent me a fresh perspective on diversified thought, exploration, and global impact. When building Pontosense, we incorporated all three elements. Global Impact We wanted to work on something that improves lives. An ideal world synergizes machines/objects with humans to reduce accidents and enrich life. In this world, wireless sensing is essential for privacy and ubiquitous deployment; our focus on mobility saves lives by monitoring drivers' and passengers' biometrics in real-time. Diversified Thought Diversity of cultures, countries, and people leads to differences in interaction. By expanding our thoughts and understanding, we are equipped to impact global challenges and regional variations. With offices and people stationed worldwide, we are your friendly neighborhood engineer. Exploration: When building Pontosense, it’s about understanding, staying curious, and working for more profound answers. Asking “why”, until we understand fundamental roadblocks is essential for the right solution. We’ve patented real breakthroughs in wireless sensing with a ubiquitous impact. We're just getting started … join us!

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Co-Founder | CEO at Pontosense


Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)