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Alok Gupta

Chief Executive Officer

Y K Almoayyed & Sons (B.S.C)

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Aug 12


✔ As a multinational Chief Executive Officer who has scaled business units and organizations through global expansion and hypergrowth, I have a unique ability to see the operational and financial impacts of complex business decisions, define the appropriate responses, and execute to success. ✔ For a company to succeed and grow, it must be brutally honest about its landscape and the challenges it faces, making data-driven decisions based on critical financial metrics. ✔ I contribute to success and deliver results by providing insightful analysis of financials, strategic thinking around the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the business, and ethical, empathetic leadership of operations teams, with a clear focus on execution. ✔ Knowing how to extract the best is the key to leadership. Able to lead calmly in times of hypergrowth, I engender calm and confidence in my team, greatly improving the quality of their work, leading to stellar results. ✔ I had a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Management enthusiast, technologically driven, solution based, digital aficionado, community oriented, a constant learner and sharer of everyday corporate wisdom. Connect with me to get the detailed exposure in the retail industry with emphasis on Corporate Finance, Merger and Acquisition, Digital Transformation, Strategic Financial Planning, Business Development, and Business Process Improvement. Characterized as a visionary and strategist for laying down the business plans & strategies for expanding market share towards the achievement of revenue & profitability targets. Seeking to achieve high career growth through a continuous learning process, persist in being dynamic, visionary and competitive with changing scenario of the world and contribute to the success of the organization.

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Chief Executive Officer at Y K Almoayyed & Sons (B.S.C)


CA, Finance, General