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Alycia T.

Partner | Project Manager

Twigg Transformations

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English, French


Jan 1


As a highly motivated and dynamic business professional and entrepreneur, my diverse background spans construction, tech, and healthcare. My passion lies in leading teams, developing strategic initiatives, and optimizing business efficiencies. With experience cutting across different industries, I bring a unique perspective to every challenge.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I hold a specific passion for emotional intelligence. Acknowledging its crucial role in navigating the complex business landscape, I actively infuse emotional intelligence into my leadership approach. This commitment is not just a theoretical consideration; it's a practical guide that shapes my interactions within teams and organizations.

In crafting innovative strategies, my goal is not only to elevate businesses but to establish new industry standards. This ambition is complemented by a dedication to fostering a workplace culture that values emotional intelligence and prioritizes interpersonal connections. I believe that success extends beyond traditional metrics; it's about creating a holistic environment where individuals thrive emotionally and professionally.

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Current Position

Partner | Project Manager at Twigg Transformations


Bachelor of Commerce, (Hons) Organizational Management - 2018