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Amri B. Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Inclusion Wins

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People commit to what they help to create. I advise companies on how to create cultures from the hearts of individuals. That means one where all of your people thrive and consistently contribute their best to the organizational mission. For over 19+ years, I have been instrumental in consulting organizational leadership, and their people to inspire and create the extraordinary in their businesses and communities. My career started in public health as an epidemiologist. My training and perspective naturally led me to think in terms of systems. Thus, when I was introduced to organizational effectiveness and leadership development, it merged seamlessly with my orientation towards solving multi-factorial challenges with systems thinking. My first management role in public health at age 27 made it clear to me that learning and leading go hand-in-hand; and that no people manager truly leads if they aren't laser-focused on listening to, learning with, and caring for their people. I am an American-born resident of Basel, Switzerland, where I live with my wife and our three children, ages 14 (twins) and 3 years old. I am the CEO of Inclusion Wins. Inclusion Wins is a global cooperative of product and service providers focused on people-related solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our core focus is working with you to discover the right inputs and capabilities needed to construct generative cultures where people can thrive and consistently contribute their best to fulfilling the organizational mission. If you are working to figure out or rethink your culture development, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) approach, or design your organization for inclusive alignment so that all can have a sense of belonging, let's talk.

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Chief Executive Officer at Inclusion Wins


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), English Language and Literature, General