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Amy Leifer

Chief Advertising Sales Officer


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United States


With 25+ years of experience in the traditional linear, addressable and digital video advertising industry, Amy has become known for her strategic decisions that shape the future. She began her career in syndication before starting the DIRECTV Ad Sales business, and later spun off Game Show Network as its own company. When she returned to DIRECTV she transformed performance-based media and later launched and scaled the largest household addressable advertising TV platform in the marketplace. Throughout Amy’s career, she has empowered cross-unit collaboration that focuses on growth, performance and building for the future. As DIRECTV continues to innovate, focused on providing unparalleled entertainment experiences, DIRECTV Advertising Sales is uniquely positioned to deliver a world-class experience for consumers, buyers and sellers. Being an expert in all things Addressable, Amy understands firsthand that reaching specific audiences with targeted and indicative advertising is the key to success for a company at the forefront of entertainment.

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Chief Advertising Sales Officer at DIRECTV