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Andrew Gadomski

Operations Research Senior Analyst

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

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United States


Jun 8


Thank you for visiting and learning about my career and skill set. During the last 20 years, I am grateful for the opportunities that combined to create expertise in gathering intelligence and using analysis to improve the skill and diversity of employers. From 2001-2005, I honed skills as a recruiter. Mentored by a General Electric SVP/GM turned executive recruiter, I focused on supply chain and engineering positions paying 200–400k USD in chemicals, consumer goods, and logistics. Quickly promoted, I managed a team of researchers supporting the firm. This is when I realized that analytics, math, and tech were under-utilized inside HR. From 2005-2012, I learned about complex workforces and innovating corporate recruitment. Honeywell asked me to lead recruiting for its $5B chemicals unit. I managed all executive and university recruiting and outsourcing across hiring. After successful install, I opened Aspen Analytics, and began residency in a Fortune 500. More residencies and projects followed. Clients remained confidential as Aspen became a “go to” when poor practices in employment were suspected. I also designed curriculum became an adjunct professor at NYU. In 2012-2017, I started creating HR data standards while maintaining residencies. First I worked with SHRM to create what became ISO TS 30407, the Cost Per Hire standard. After I co-authored the candidate and employer surveys for The Talent Board, the current gold standard for measuring an employer’s candidate experience. In 2013, Aspen launched its data insights platform Pando, named by HRO Today as the most innovative technology in recruitment. Aspen was quickly awarded contracts with several staffing providers to design HR analytics for 100s of customers. Forward to 2017, and 3MM hires later. I felt a pull for a mission bigger than myself. Private equity knocked at every HR analytics door but I decided to use my skills towards a simple concept - enable and protect as many Americans as possible. Investing in my education to better analyze people and AI for workforce analysis, I received a MS in Business Analytics from NYU, and began bidding on US federal contracts. In 2019, I took residency in the US Dept. of Homeland Security. In 2022, I accepted a US federal full-time appointment with CISA as a Operations Research Senior Analyst, focused on advancing the hiring and diversity of security experts protecting Americans. Aspen Analytics continues, dedicated to researching and auditing the impacts of wage transparency and artificial intelligence on fair employment practices.

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Operations Research Senior Analyst at Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency


Master of Science - MS, Business Analytics