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Andy Teoh

Executive Director, APJ Marketing and Commercial Lead


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Andy has a unique profile as a seasoned data professional with P&L experience. He has turned several business franchises to super-high growth by creatively using data, forging partnerships to develop new business models, and finding new business opportunities through innovative solutions. Andy is also part of the leadership team in regional and local markets, taking pride in shaping corporate culture and developing talents in the company. Andy has a natural flair for creatively leveraging data in ways that most cannot imagine, and that helps him to drive change management for commercial leaders to use data in their business decision - He does not just create beautiful slides to show commercial leaders the ''grand plan'' about data. Andy delivers projects and shows people how data can help them increase their revenue and change their behavior and attitude in adopting data in their day-to-day business. - Andy believed that “If you can show people that investing 1 dollar in data can generate 2 dollars in return, the battle of change management is won by half.” Andy can turn around several businesses from declining to high growth, and he enjoys running the P&L of businesses - Besides using data creatively to inform his business, he also grew businesses by forging partnerships with uncommon partners to develop new business models and identified new business opportunities through innovative solutions - Running P&L is not all about tactics, it is also about building a solid and collaborative team culture and also developing new capabilities and services - It is not just about growing the business in the short term, but Andy also think of innovations that bring societal value and sustainability in the long run Andy constantly find ways to learn, refine and drive myself to be a better person - He would dedicate time to network and learn from people outside my industry. - He always thought managing a business or P&L is easy until he was given an opportunity to manage one Andy has a couple of YouTube videos in his profile that displays the body of work in the healthcare, digital, and technology space. I hope you will enjoy these videos. Andy enjoys meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk to him about emerging data/digital tech, innovations, and even leadership in commercial space.

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Executive Director, APJ Marketing and Commercial Lead at Organon


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Quantum Physics