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Anthony Blaom, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

The University of Auckland

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New Zealand


Anthony is a mathematical researcher who also consults as a data scientist, with a special interest in machine learning. He is a co-creator and lead contributor to the Alan Turning Institute's machine learning platform MLJ. EDUCATION PhD Caltech, 1998 (Mathematics) MSc Caltech, 1992 (Aeronautics) BE University of Melbourne, top of class (Mechanical Engineering) EXPERIENCE Anthony has over twenty years experience teaching mathematics and engineering at university level, and in carrying out, publishing, and presenting, original research in differential geometry, dynamical systems, and fluid mechanics, among other areas. In recent years, and with a view to making the transition from academia to industry, Anthony has returned to an early love of computer programming, building up considerable expertise in the area of machine learning, using tools from Python, Julia and C++. This expertise has been applied a dozen or more projects, ranging from predicting house prices, to finding dark matter in space. Prior to graduate school, Anthony carried out scientific programming and research for the Aeronautical Research Laboratory in Melbourne. STRENGTHS Anthony has a deep love of learning, is hard-working, self-motivated, and able to work independently. His mathematical accomplishments attest to analytical and creative thinking skills of the of the highest calibre. Abstract, conceptual thinking is a particular strength. Anthony has written communication skills honed in the publication of over a dozen peer-reviewed research articles, including one book. A well-established reputation as an excellent university instructor imply first-class oral communication, organisation and coaching skills. Several years as a stay-at-home Dad, and successful twenty-year marriage, have taught him patience, equanimity, and how to listen.

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Senior Research Fellow at The University of Auckland


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Mathematics

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