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Anthony Childress

Research Engineer

Pure Lithium Corporation

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United States


Specializing in the application of nanomaterials to energy storage (Lithium ion batteries and capacitors) and printed electronics and sensors. As a research engineer at Pure Lithium, my work involves improving the processes used for lithium plating. During my post doctoral position at Northeastern University, my work focused on the directed-assembly of nanomaterials via electrophoresis, dielectrophoresis, and fluidic methods to make functional devices and sensors. During this time I applied myself to assisting graduate students, managing my own projects, writing grant applications, and submitting journal articles. I authored two patents and co-authored several journal articles and a review article on methods of directed assembly. During my graduate work, I focused on the fabrication of nanomaterials and their use in electrodes for energy storage. This required learning the electrochemical methods needed for their evaluation such as cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, and galvanostatic cycling. The data obtained from these methods can give important information about the kinetics of the electrode processes such as charge transfer at the surface of the electrode, ion diffusion within the electrode, and whether the electrode deforms in a reversible manner during cycling. I have also developed a strong background in the theory and execution of Raman spectroscopy for the study of carbon nanomaterials, which was used as an in-situ probe to monitor changes of the electrode. I have logged hundreds of hours of SEM use (Hitachi 4800, 6600, Zeiss Supra 25, FEI Scios SEM/FIB) as well as TEM (Hitachi 7600 and 9500, FEI Titan Themis 300). SEM and TEM were used to image printed nanoparticles, lithographically patterned templates for nanomaterial assembly, organic colloids, carbon nanotubes, and graphene flakes. For a list of my publications, please see my Google Scholar page I am proficient with IGOR Pro, MATLAB & Python (data processing and measurement automation), LaTeX, LabView (made several programs for electrochemical characterization), SolidWorks (designed laboratory apparatus).

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Research Engineer at Pure Lithium Corporation


Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Experimental Physics