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🌶️Arthur Castillo

Head of Dark Social & Evangelism

Chili Piper

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Productivity. Sales. Revenue Engines. NFL. Psychology. Gratitude. Chili Piper. These happen to be some of my interests What's going on 👇 Currently, I find myself in my dream role at Chili Piper 🌶 helping companies eliminate friction in the meeting process. Chili Piper is the only Inbound Conversion Platform. As buyers, we expect to be able to buy on our own time and in an instant. But companies are still finding this to be a complex task: 💣average B2B response time to respond to leads is 42 hours 💣average response time to digital leads is 17 hours 💣odds of qualifying lead decreases 10x after 1st hour 🏈Outside of work, you can find me trying to win your fantasy football league, cheering on my Carolina Panthers🏈 and ABCing: 💡always.being.curious.💡 Thanks for checking out my profile, would love to connect!

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Head of Dark Social & Evangelism at Chili Piper


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), International Development