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Bardia Pezeshki


Avicena Tech

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United States


Generated, developed, and commercialized innovative, yet practical optoelectronic technology that resulted in widespread deployment. High points include the tunable laser developed at Santur, that won the majority market share for long haul optical networks and for many years carried most of the world's internet traffic, and also the first practical multiwavelength high bandwidth optical transceivers at 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s at Kaiam, that was either sole-sourced or deployed by most of the giant cloud companies. Most recently, at Avicena, developed a novel way of making very dense and power efficient connections for chip-to-chip communications using microLEDs, easing the data chokepoint for semiconductors. Skills include: - Deep technical understanding of fundamental issues in optoelectronics - Generate creative and practical solutions - Hire, motivate, organize, and spearhead breakthrough technologies - Ability to work with customers, investors, and commercial partners to raise capital, negotiate contracts, and build the key elements of a successful business - Manage development, engineering, operations, sales and marketing and company P&L

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Current Position

CEO at Avicena Tech


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

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DesignCon 2023