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Ben Smith

General Manager, Communications and Social Sustainability


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Ben is a highly accomplished leader with a knack for bringing people and information together to solve complex problems. Over the last 25 years, Ben has supported more than 200 major projects, including some of Australia’s largest transport, renewable energy, and water infrastructure projects, as well as many regional activation strategies. Ben has held senior roles in State Governments, Private Corporations, infrastructure advisory firms and local government. Ben is currently leading the communications and social impact aspects of multiple large-scale wind, solar and battery energy storage projects in regional Australia. He is part of the sector-leading NGH team, which has been guiding renewable energy projects for more than 20 years and has enabled the approval of 60 solar and 30 wind farms in Australia. With a huge passion for enabling infrastructure and regional economic development, Ben is coordinating the drafting of business case reports for large dam upgrades and guiding stakeholder engagement and strategy development for regional plans, a mountain bike park and bushfire recovery programs. Through his training in Communications, Management, Planetary Health and Infrastructure Investment Decision Making, Ben applies a broader lens to assessing and supporting projects, where the interfaces between social, environmental and economic systems are integrated to achieve the best possible outcome for people, place and planet.

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General Manager, Communications and Social Sustainability at NGH


Social Impact Assessments Theory and Practice