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Beppe Catanese

Developer Advocate


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I am a hands-on Technical Lead and Development Manager with product vision as well as development responsibility in a fast-paced Agile environment. I understand stakeholders, connect to customers and work for my team. I have passion, initiative and plenty of enthusiasm but I also like to listen and love to learn. I am truly passionate about technology as a way to improve the working environment and people's lives, I am fascinated by innovation and blessed (or cursed?) with curiosity. GitHub accounts: - - (Chatbots development) Personal Projects: - (AWS, Mongo, Python, React) - (DigitalOcean, Mongo, Java, React, TwitterBot) Blogging: - (software engineering, data engineering, chatbots, blockchain) When free I enjoy helping on StackOverflow:

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Developer Advocate at Adyen


103/110, Computer Science