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Bill Livek

Vice Chairman

Comscore, Inc.

Country or State

United States


Bill Livek has been in the business of measuring consumer behavior for 40 years. As Executive Vice Chairman & President for comScore, his passion for the media, marketing and entertainment industries spurs him to be a driving force for innovation in consumer and audience measurement. Bill says his mission at comScore is to accelerate the pace of that innovation, and create “a new model for a dynamic, cross-platform world”, not available anywhere else. “Our expertise and information assets enable us to provide the most granular measurement solutions that reflect the ever-changing way that people are consuming content across platforms.'' Bill draws upon his industry experience and audience measurement expertise as a frequent speaker at advertising industry events. Prior to joining comScore, Bill served as Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Rentrak, where he spearheaded the next generation of products to precisely measure movies and TV everywhere. Bill previously served as Co-President of Experian Research Services, Co-Chair/Co-Owner of Simmons Market Research Bureau, Co-Founder of Transactional Data Solutions (an LLC with MasterCard), , Vice President of Sales/Marketing for Arbitron and was a principal shareholder in Birch Research, which was later integrated into Scarborough Research, where he served as President and CEO. When he’s not busy overseeing the advancement of comScore’s cross-platform initiative, Bill loves riding his road bicycle about 100 miles on a weekend. His idea of a great vacation is a scenic, weeklong bike trip.

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Current Position

Vice Chairman at Comscore, Inc.


Bachelor’s Degree, Communication and Media Studies