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Brian Greenfader

Senior Commercial Sales Manager


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United States


Are your deals collapsing between verbal and signature? Cherry-picking only your best deals? Do you want all your reps to work every deal the same way? Read on. You know when your revenue teams spend hours on sales documents only for them to be shot off into the abyss, never to be heard from or seen again? My old manager called this ''the proposal black hole''. I can help. RESULTS: ➡️Easier for prospects to say ''yes'' to doing business with you ➡️More time spent on actually doing your job ➡️A process that grows with your team ➡️Never have marketing mad at you again (a pipe dream...I know) ➡️Insights into proposal interaction that gives you follow up ''superpowers'' ➡No more ''fax me the contracts'' or ''send me pricing''. Want to learn more? Book some time with me here: Email: Website: Don't just take my word for it: “PandaDoc is the single source for sales process and presentation domination.” –Eric Pratt, Managing Partner, Revenue River “By helping our team work smarter and cut busy work, PandaDoc is even helping our employee productivity, engagement, and happiness'' - Emily Ciavolino, Sales Director at Bonsuly “When we used to have a call, we used to use just our voices and website. Now we go through a customized document form with them, which only takes minutes. People are consistently blown away by our presentations.” -Michael Cardwell, Founder at Digital Brew “We cannot thank PandaDoc templates enough. They’ve allowed our marketing team to ensure that every proposal that’s sent out adheres to our brand guidelines while letting our sales team to be infinitely more productive by allowing each rep to easily tailor their proposals to their prospects vertical and role, in half the time.” said Mallory Wash, VP of Marketing at Stackla

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Senior Commercial Sales Manager at PandaDoc


Master of Business Administration - MBA