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Brian van den Brink

OutSystems Test Lead


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Nowadays, the foundation of a business strategy is found within IT systems. This is where you find the data to set your CRM objectives, on which you base workflow analysis and where the finances are handled. Because it is so crucial to have an IT environment (system, apps, website) that works well within your company, I find it very interesting and challenging to work in the IT industry. More and more companies are going through a Digital Transformation, where OutSystems makes it possible to innovate fast. In order to be able to release as fast as possible, with the highest business value possible, it is crucial to continuously receive feedback about the quality of the innovation and create feedback loops as early as possible. To be able to achieve this, I started Chapter OutSystems together with Valori, following the motto 'Tech first, Test second’. This means that our consultants have in-depth knowledge of the software-stack used for development. We are Certified OutSystems Developers, that come to test your applications, utilizing OutSystems' capabilities and smart test tooling all the way through the lower layers of the OutSystems 4 Layer Canvas and integrating with your CI/CD pipelines. Want to know more about how our Chapter helps you improve quality during your digital transformation? Let me know.

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OutSystems Test Lead at a.s.r.


Bachelor of Business Administration, Commercial Economics

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