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Bruce Snell

Director of Technical and Product Marketing

Qwiet Ai

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United States


I was the kid everyone in the neighborhood had come over to fix the clock on their VCR so it wasn't blinking 12:00. I'd come over to fix the clock and then end up explaining all the features and teaching them how to schedule recordings. Today's security needs aren't the same as they were even just 5 years ago and like my neighbor's blinking VCR, I help the C suite decision makers understand the need for modern solutions and give them a path to solve their current and future issues. I am an early adopter of technology and can jump into new areas of security and quickly become an expert. I regularly present and provide thought leadership on areas like OT/IoT security, MDR/XDR, DevSecOps, Managed Services, Software as a Service, Cloud security, and of course traditional IT security strategies. With over 20 years in InfoSec, I am well versed in finding the right solutions to customer pain points. My work at NTT has me interfacing 1:1 with executive decision makers to help them uncover their pain points and find solutions to their cybersecurity needs. My strong background in traditional IT security affords me the opportunity to explore emerging technologies in cybersecurity and I have gained a strong knowledge in areas including IoT/OT, DevSecOps, Managed Security Services, and XDR, just to name a few. Cybersecurity is my life's work and I love engaging with customers, working with internal product and marketing teams, and helping ''level up'' those I work with. To me, security challenges are another blinking light that I love fixing.

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Director of Technical and Product Marketing at Qwiet Ai