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Caleb McGowan

Digital Platforms Manager, Global Internal Communications


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United States


Specializing in corporate communications, media production, and digital platform ecosystems. I currently manage multiple digital platforms and lead communications efforts for a global and multilingual audience. By working with people of all seniority levels, all the way from C-suite to frontline employees, I've gained valuable insight into how to clearly communicate and manage projects effectively. I've produced VOD and livestream content for multi-billion dollar organizations, small businesses, government, and just for fun, always practicing and learning new techniques. Whether it's a documentary, corporate announcement, event coverage, or short story, I have the experience necessary to bring a vision through all phases of production to delivery. When not on the job, I'm probably outdoors tending to my garden, braving my fear of sharks while surfing or kayak fishing, or planning my next road trip. I love telling stories, and in order to tell great ones, I need to go out and collect stories worth telling! If you're interested in learning more about my previous professional experience or would like to swap ideas on how content can be best distributed to a diverse workforce, reach out and message me anytime! Or, if you'd like to simply share some stories, we can do that too. Ask me about the time I ran into a grizzly bear and we can go from there...

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Digital Platforms Manager, Global Internal Communications at Driscoll's


Business Administration, Marketing