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Carolyn White

COO, Director of MEMS Development

A. M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC

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United States


MEMS design, fabrication and technology strategy. Co-author of textbook ''MEMS Product Development: From Concept to Commercialization'' (Springer, 2021). I specialize in the design and fabrication of MEMS devices for a wide range of applications using extensive processing experience to achieve working devices in as few design iterations as possible. This expertise is invaluable when designing devices for larger volume, foundry production and gives me insight when performing technology strategic analysis including of the evaluation of patent portfolios and acquisition targets, feasibility studies, and cost/performance analysis. Interested in learning more about MEMS or how AMFitzgerald can help you navigate the MEMS landscape? Please contact me through AMFitzgerald is a MEMS product development firm with expertise in technology strategy, design simulation, process integration and prototyping, and low volume production with strategic partners for packaing, test and foundry production. A range of offerings are available to fit different customer needs with over 180 clients served to date.

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Current Position

COO, Director of MEMS Development at A. M. Fitzgerald & Associates, LLC


MS, PhD, Mechanical Engineering