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Chelsea Stark

Executive Editor


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United States


I'm lucky enough to have a job that combines two of my great loves: journalism and video games. I'm passionate about telling great stories with as many different tools as possible, from the written word, to images, video and social media reporting. Now that I'm an editor, I get to share in helping others tell those stories too. As more of us become nostalgic about our shared history of gaming, and as more and more people get pocket-sized computers that outpace popularity of even the most notable game consoles, I think the discussion surrounding video games couldn't be more significant. From the growing legion of competitive gamers, the technological leaps forward like virtual reality and rise of new voices making and playing games, there is so much to love about the industry right now. I've grown up professionally along with the digital journalism revolution, so my specialties include breaking news coverage, epic long-form pieces, using social media to break news and find sources, shooting and editing video, photo creation and manipulation, editing and supporting other writers and thinking about storytelling from every possible multimedia angle.

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Executive Editor at Polygon


Masters, Journalism