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Christopher Czermak

Senior SEO Executive

MacNaught Digital

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United Kingdom


Senior SEO Executive at MacNaught Digital, with a focus on passive link building. Rocket scientist turned SEO, I graduated with a Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering before landing myself in the wonderful world of content marketing and link building in 2018. In my first 4 years in the SEO industry, I've become a bit of an all-rounder. I've had the chance to work with clients, both local and international, in a large variety of sectors from retail and finance to healthcare and hospitality, delivering end to end SEO and content marketing campaigns. I've gained experience in On-site, Off-site and Technical SEO and have developed a particular interest in more scalable link building strategies, focused on creating content and assets that will help generate links almost passively. Working in a small SEO agency, I find myself multitasking on a regular basis, so as well as link building, I often spend my days auditing sites looking for technical issues or opportunities for improvement and, on occasion, preparing for a site migration. I've also had the incredible honour of speaking at industry events like Cardiff SEO and, more recently, Brighton SEO in 2022. When I'm not auditing sites or building links, you can find my at my local tennis club or out and about with my camera.

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Senior SEO Executive at MacNaught Digital


Master of Engineering (M.Eng.), Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering