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Christian Højbo Møller

Co-founder & CEO


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✈️ My personality was always future-oriented and explorative, so I moved to Mumbai, India alone at age 16 to explore the world. Once I returned to Denmark this urge to produce hit me... that year I founded a fashion webshop built in Flash as my first company. 🛍️ Although the webshop was never a success it kickstarted my entrepreneurial path. I made a living on affiliate marketing due to my SEO skills for a few years. My talent for SEO drove me to join GroupM in 2015 where I stayed until I felt hit a ceiling since I didn't want to manage the whole team. 🔥 So I left GroupM to built the world's greatest supplement review platform with my cofounder Anders, who has a PhD in Muscle Biology. Our mission succeeded and we were in 11 markets and languages in Europe, but the business model was terrible. We decided to move on. 👨‍💻 Then Benjamin came along and sold me on the idea of a modern digital/marketing consultancy. I joined as the first employee. Impressive journey where the company reached 25 employees within the first 18 months of it's real birth - and I had the pleasure of running several data platform implementations and challenging analytics projects. Personally, I developed a lot of my soft skills around management. 🚀 I had a great, and pretty exciting, job with a very lucrative salary. However, I had experienced personally the frustration of not knowing the data regarding employee management. So I knew I had to built the tool that no know in HR had the imagination to built. That is where the journey is today. Zoios is helping numerous companies increase wellbeing and retain their employees. Put simply.

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Co-founder & CEO at Zoios


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