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Claude Silver

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The Creative Ladder

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I'm an emotional optimist, coach, manager, and mentor. As the first ever Chief Heart Officer it is my great honor to lead at VaynerMedia. I work for aprox 2000 Humans, and I am in touch with the heartbeat of every single person in the company. My role is to infuse the Agency with Empathy. It's my purpose. And it’s my joy. Culture is a texture. It’s a vibe. A feel. And culture is alive. It’s definitely not one or two-dimensional—I think culture is very three-dimensional. Culture is, in a nutshell, the heartbeat for me. It is something that absolutely lights up an entire system — if it is in place, and if it is thriving. I constantly ask myself, how do I hold space for people? How do I make it not about my agenda? I’ve had an enormously fortunate career. And now this is about my life’s work. It’s bringing together every single personal and professional growth workshop I have attended, every corporate team-building session I have led, every trust fall I have caught. I don’t necessarily have all the answers; I’m helping our employees find their answers. My role as CHO was created to scale Gary Vaynerchuk and to make sure that VaynerX and VaynerMedia’s 2000+ employees have a place they can find a home and have the best career experience of their lives. My hope is that in our 15-30 minute meetings, they will feel a lot clearer and that they leave with a newfound path to a solution. Which in turn creates success for them and VaynerMedia. IT'S ALL ABOUT HOW WE MAKE PEOPLE FEEL. ALWAYS.

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Board Member at The Creative Ladder


BA, Transpersonal Psychology, Human Development