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Cynthia Stine


eGrowth Partners

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United States


Cynthia is an entrepreneur and business owner with more than 25 years experience helping companies establish themselves in the marketplace, launch new products and services, recover from financial ruin and survive crisis situations. She is the author of the recently published books (2015) ''Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account.'' Her blog is: She began her career in high tech public relations in 1988. In 1991 she moved to Dallas and in 1994 she started her own public relations agency, PRTek, which specialized in helping high tech start-ups and emerging technologies gain national and international attention. In this capacity she helped strategically position and launch the world’s first pen-based computer, DSL, portable ATM machines, telecom softswitch technology, the Richardson-based high-tech incubator STARTech, and much more. She sold PRTek in 2001 to a larger, national PR firm. She joined Joseph Sullivan LLC & Associates in 2002 to provide business owners and senior management with practical, hands-on solutions to business growth challenges, transitions and under-performing divisions and companies. In 2005, she founded Promote Success to help companies, products and individuals realize success through superior public relations campaigns. Under the Promote Success umbrella, she later launched independent publishing company MyPromote Books to help authors realize success with their non-fiction books. MyPromote Books writes, edits, publishes and markets books in a wide range of non-fiction categories. In 2010 she started selling on part-time. Today she sells, consults and writes about and how sellers can keep their accounts clean. Her company, eGrowth Partners, founded in 2015, has more than 60 employees worldwide and is growing rapidly to meet the need for Amazon sellers to get their accounts reinstated and to grow on the Amazon marketplaces.

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President at eGrowth Partners


BA, Theater, French minor, Philosophy