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Dan Quigg


Public Insight Corporation

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United States


Competition for securing talent and gaining market share is more intense than ever. Talent acquisition, staffing and recruiting and workforce development professionals must leverage current market data to identify and execute growth strategies. Historical labor market solutions rely extensively on the past when the past is already gone. Strategic job market insights include: - Identify new markets for remote worker talent - Benchmark fill and open job metrics - Assess market expansion opportunities - Improve employer branding through ratings and positioning - Implement DEI strategies through market and education supply - Identify emerging job titles and future-proof skills - Compare and benchmark compensation levels - Assess regional competitiveness - and many more ... We help staffing and recruiting firms, talent acquisition professional, and career and workforce development planners to obtain a 360-degree view of the most recent job market data across job postings, resumés, market skills and education, compensation surveys, employer ratings, and educational programs. Public Insight empowers self-service analytics by transforming the islands of job and labor market data from reputable sources like Indeed®, Glassdoor®, InsideView®, and government datasets into actionable insights using the power of Microsoft® Power BI business intelligence software. Our solutions are entirely in the cloud with no data expertise required! Public Insight self-service business intelligence applications are available as a cost-effective subscription service (Interactives) and our analytical datasets are available to plug into existing applications for instant analysis. Message me here on LinkedIn or e-mail me at to learn more. Data Analytics Recruiting Talent Acquisition Workforce Development Career Planning

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CEO at Public Insight Corporation