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Daniel Helmig

Managing Director & Founder

Helmig Advisory AG

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Daniel Helmig is a senior corporate executive with experience in supply chain and operations, having worked in various industries including automotive, semiconductor, power and automation, food and beverage, and financial sector. He has held positions such as Corporate Transformation Leader, Group Head of Operations & Quality, Chief Procurement Officer, Senior Vice President, and Managing Director. Today, he provides advisory services to companies, NGOs, and regulators that like to profit from his insights to improve their triple-bottom lines. At ABB, he led the significant de-centralization restructuring as Head of Transformation, and as Group Head of Operations & Quality, his teams implemented Lean Six Sigma in 18 months reaching over 50,000 employees. He also transformed a tactical, local organization into a global powerhouse as Global Head of Supply Chain Management. At Infineon, as CPO of the semiconductor company, he implemented automotive-style procurement practices leading to step change improvement both in cost and global supply chain design. Before, at Ford Motor Company, in his last position, he led Ford of Europe's direct material sourcing for all vehicle lines, except drive trains. During his short tenure (due to family illness) as CPO at PepsiCo in 2020, he doubled the company's Minority Sourcing Targets and initiated steps to improve the global procurement organization. And recently, in the banking industry, he accepted the project to assess the potential of outsourcing large parts of the Procurement organization to gain economies of scale and skill. As a result, the bank outsourced the function in 2022. His teams were externally recognized for Capability Build-up in Supply Chain in 2014 (Procurement Leaders) and received several awards for Supplier Sustainability Development. Daniel was voted 2019 into the CIPS European Procurement Power List. He is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences. He holds an MBA from Michigan State University and is currently pursuing a doctorate in supply chain redesign & GHG emissions at UBIS, Geneva, Switzerland. Daniel and his family lived in Germany, the USA, and the UK and currently reside near Zürich, Switzerland.

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Managing Director & Founder at Helmig Advisory AG


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