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Daniel Smullen

Head of SEO

Betsperts Media & Technology Group

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People don’t go online anymore, they live online! I help brands turn search into found through organic search and content marketing. Key Skills: ✓ Technical SEO: Identifying and fixing any issues holding websites back from their potential. ✓ Analytics and measurement: Tagging, measuring, reporting and guiding on the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. ✓ Audience profiling ✓ Keyword Research and Optimisation: Using keyword and topic research to help search engines return better results. ✓ Content creation: Blog posts, Infographics, Data Visualisation, Video, interactive content. ✓ Content promotion: Influencer outreach, media outreach, blogger outreach, link building.

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Head of SEO at Betsperts Media & Technology Group


Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Marketing, Business Strategy and Finance