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Dateme Tamuno

Head Of Marketing

Londonist DMC - Student Accommodation Agency

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United Kingdom


I'm a digital marketing professional with experience across multiple channels such as Search engine optimisation, Paid search, Programmatic display, Email marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Metasearch and Paid social. I've deeper expertise in SEO and Paid Media with successful campaigns for clients across verticals such as retail, e-commerce, professional services, sports betting, automobile, telecom, waste management and travel. I am also interested in how narrative intelligence, relational and commonsense reasoning enhances concept development, query understanding and information retrieval. Inspired by the works from Marvin Minsky, Roger Carl Schank, Patrick Henry Winston, Mark Riedl and Mark A. Finlayson.

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Current Position

Head Of Marketing at Londonist DMC - Student Accommodation Agency


MA, International Management