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Dennis Ahrens

CEO / Founder

Spacific GmbH

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I’m the Founder & Managing Director of Spacific GmbH, an augmented reality start-up based in Hamburg. We create the future with our vision of “augmented reality for everyone in just one second”. As a business executive with over 20 years of experience in digital strategy and implementation processes, my area of expertise is guiding companies to new growth through the implementation of digital services and digitized business processes especially with technologies like Augmented Reality or Artificial Intelligence. To date, my career has included advisory and strategic consulting roles for managing digital transformation processes. I pinpointed high-potential business opportunities, implemented digital service processes, and consistently navigated the best way forward into successful digitalized business models. I have also worked as a coach and mentored companies and executives on leadership skills and personality development. I believe AR technology needs to be set with the focus to have a positive impact on the future. Rather than it will replace humans, AR expands on human potential, allowing people and machines to function better together than either could alone. Augmented reality functions and services can become meaningful when embedded in other technologies such as neural networks, cloud processes, and image recognition. ▶️ If you would like to discover the world of Augmented Reality for your company use case(s), please do not hesitate to contact me. My inbox awaits at

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CEO / Founder at Spacific GmbH


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Betriebswirtschaft