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Dr. Asmaa Nusairi

Management Consultant

2071 for management consultancies and training

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May 21


Dr. Nusairi is a leading expert on knowledge economy in the UAE. She is known as a leading voice in what is needed to empower people, companies, and governments to make the transition to Industry 4.0. With a prestigious career spanning for more than a decade in the fields of aviation (Emirates Airlines) to government (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). She is a globally known speaker on Knowledge Economy topics, a skilled researcher, and a published author. Asmaa looks at the world and not only sees it for what it is, but for what it could be. She sees her life as a series of lessons, the most important of which is that ''you only live once, but if you live it with passion and joy, once is more than enough.” This has inspired her work to start 2071 - a consulting company focused on building capacity for transformation. She is a regular featured speaker on what is needed to transition the UAE from a resource economy to a knowledge economy and has participated as a lead assessor in multiple Government Excellence programs at both the Federal and Emirate level. As a trusted voice to her clients, friends, and family who seek her out for practical advice, inspiring conversation, and a compassionate mind. This philosophy and seeing a need to help others is what inspired her to start 2071. As the owner and CEO of 2071, she is actively taking on new clients and working with individuals in the UAE and around the world to accelerate the transformation of the country and make the world better not only for her children, but for all children and people around the world. PhD: Business Administration in Management Thesis about '' An Empirical Study of UAE Transformation into a Knowledge-based Economy: Economy, Education, Innovation and Information Technologies as Antecedent''. University of Dubai, UAE. Master: Change Management and Innovation Graduated with Honor Hamdan Smart University, UAE. Bachelor: International Studies Minor Social and Behaviours Sciences Zayed University, UAE. Top 6 Recent Achievements: • Graduated with honour from the Master degree in Change Management and Innovation, 2015. • Won the best student research award in the Innovation Arabia conference, 2016. • Participated in Dubai Excellence Program, in 2017 and 2021 assessment cycle, category an expert subject matter, 2017, 2021. • Opened my own business consultancy company '' 2071 for Management Consultancies and Training. • Presented a paper in the Global Congress of Knowledge Economy in China, 2017. • Author of the book ''Asmaa the Success “ 2018.

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Management Consultant at 2071 for management consultancies and training


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Business Management