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Erika Sandoval (she/ella)

Global Senior Partner, Strategic Advisory Group


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United States


As a data-driven multilingual global diversity workforce professional with 15 years of experience of building and driving localized DEI strategies, I have dedicated my career to advancing underrepresented communities and creating inclusive spaces. I am passionate about using strategy and data to effectively deliver strategic business results that adapts and reflects different cultural contexts and advances EVERYONE in the workplace. Having lived and worked in North and South America, Europe and Asia, my cross-cultural background and deep global understanding has further enhanced my practice of embracing regional inputs and localizing context for successful business practices. My background in international relations, the social sciences and human rights law has shaped my practice in DEI and HCM work with global enterprise companies, non-profit and educational organizations, and government agencies around the world. Specialties: DEI, HR, public speaking, thought leadership, HCM, employee engagement & experience, future of work, cross-cultural agility, talent development, workforce development, stakeholder engagement, strategic design, partnerships, L&D, CSR/ESG, language access, organizational development & growth. Views shared on LinkedIn are my own.

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Current Position

Global Senior Partner, Strategic Advisory Group at UKG


Certificate , Diversity and Inclusion Professional Certificate