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Erin Leitheiser

Associate Director, Nature & Climate

BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

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I am a sustainability professional and Assistant Professor with expertise in climate and nature. I am passionate about forging partnerships and crafting innovative strategies to drive companies' sustainability improvements, particularly in supply chains. I have a unique, multi-sector background and currently work as a climate and nature consultant to some of the world's biggest companies. Areas of expertise: * Climate, Scope 3 and Net Zero * Nature-based solutions, biodiversity, deforestation, natural capital management * Governance & management of sustainable supply chains * Corporate sustainability strategy and implementation * Stakeholder engagement * Global tools and frameworks for due diligence and sustainability (e.g. Human Rights Due Diligence, OECD Guidelines) * Human Rights * Circularity and circular economy I believe that business can be both sustainable and profitable, and am passionate about finding innovative win-win solutions. I always approach my work with enthusiasm and humor to ensure that the journey is as fun as the destination.

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Current Position

Associate Director, Nature & Climate at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)


Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Global Governance, CSR and Sustainability