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Erin Sanchez

Founder | Chief Storyteller & Brand Advisor

The Candid Branding Co.

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United States


I believe that remarkable brands tell remarkable stories. And that when it comes to standing out and capturing the heads and hearts of your target audience, there’s one thing you have that none of your competitors have: YOUR UNIQUE STORY. Hey, I’m Erin Sanchez, a writer, speaker, and educator on a mission to help individuals and organizations leverage the power of strategic storytelling so they can communicate with more purpose, precision, and punch. WHY STORYTELLING? People love stories. That’s why we watch the same movie several times over the course of our lives. We already know how it’s going to end, yet the power of a good story draws us in again and again. The best part? Your brand can entice and activate people in that same powerful way. Consider that… 📗 Stories are 22x more memorable than facts or stats 📘 Storytelling can boost conversions by 30% 📕 92% of consumers WANT brands to use stories in their marketing If you’re not telling stories, you’re missing key brand-building and revenue-generating opportunities. It doesn’t matter your age or where in the world you live, we are all united by our biological and neurological penchant for stories. That’s why I believe storytelling is the best way to engage, educate, and persuade your audience. It’s the most human thing your brand can do. WHO I HELP From individuals and startups to SMBs and Fortune 100 companies, I’ve worked across industries to help brands tell better stories. My training and workshops are designed for: ◼ Marketing, Communications & Sales Professionals ◼ Corporate Teams & Consulting Agencies ◼ Business Leaders & Industry Experts ◼ Educational Institutions & Career Development Programs I also speak at events, associations, and conferences on topics like: 🔸 Crafting an unforgettable brand story 🔸 High-impact storytelling for lead generation & sales 🔸 Pitching and landing media features HOW I WORK Drawing on 15+ years of experience, I bring a diverse set of skills and expertise to every client engagement, including: digital marketing, brand messaging, content strategy, copywriting, public relations, interpersonal communications, and more. I created the Cornerstone Stories Method to ensure that you tell the right story at the right time in exactly the right way for all your communications goals. Together, we can create a truly remarkable brand experience. Reach out for: 🔹 Speaking & Training 🔹 Courses & Workshops 🔹 Advising & Consulting LET’S CONNECT! 🎤 Work with me: 💻 Read the blog:

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Founder | Chief Storyteller & Brand Advisor at The Candid Branding Co.


Master of Arts, Cultural Studies