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Erkki Markus

Founder, CEO and Product Owner

Smaily - intentionally simple email marketing and automation

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One thing was clear since my primary school days - I was going to be an entrepreneur, no matter what. I was your local salesman. From a classmate looking for some chewing gum, to a pal needing a mixtape as a last minute Valentine’s gift; it was all a business venture for me. Fast-forward around 15+ years and some valuable lessons from my optimistic takes at ''regular jobs'', I would have made my elementary-school self proud. Having started, managed and grown two companies into top service providers in their field, has not lessened my drive to succeed. However, the success I’ve encountered has never had a monetary definition. My salary comes in the form of freedom to write my own story and my yearly bonus is reflected in the growth of people I’ve managed to help along the way. My spare time is spent with my family throwing together new vegan recipes, exploring the world and doing our part in cutting our planet some slack.

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Founder, CEO and Product Owner at Smaily - intentionally simple email marketing and automation


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