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Garrett Droege

Co-Founder IMA web3Labs

IMA Financial Group, Inc.

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United States


My emails say I'm the Director of Innovation + Strategy for IMA Financial. But, what does that mean? The answer is different every day. I work with IMA's Technology, Life Science and Advanced Manufacturing practice groups to optimize our team across all locations and partners - helping the team access resources, IP, market intelligence and helping to bring value to our clients in the space. I also work with IMA's insurtech strategy and investments, including our partnership with BrokerTech Ventures. Having worked both in the technology industry and the insurance industry, I like to think I ''get'' insurtech better than most. I'm also helping to bring new partners into the IMA family. Firms that recognize their own culture in ours that want to remain independent, employee-owned and managed, and have access to industry-leading tools and talent - we should talk. In business, I am a believer in the Infinite Mindset. The status quo is an existential threat for all organizations. The truly innovative companies of the world understand that short term gains at the expense of the long term is not a winnable strategy. So, by all means, ask me to break something so I can help rebuild it bigger, better and stronger. King George V's surgeon was once asked, 'What makes a great surgeon?' He responded, 'There isn't much to choose between surgeons in manual dexterity. What distinguishes the great surgeon is that he knows more than other surgeons.' It is the same with insurance brokers. The good ones, like IMA, know more. I am immensely proud of my industry accomplishments, including ''Insurance Network of the Year'' for TechAssure and ''Insurance Hot 100 for myself (though, sadly, the latter was not based on looks as I hoped, but rather being the most influential people in the industry). But, I am most proud of my family, my 18 year-old dog and my comic book collection. If you ever want to talk about any of the following interests, they're right up my alley: * Cyber Risks * Technology + Life Sciences * Insurtech * Venture Capital/Private Equity * New Media * Multi-Broker Unification + Strategy * Global Network Optimization * Event Planning, Execution + Sandwich Selection You can find me at if you want to chat.

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Co-Founder IMA web3Labs at IMA Financial Group, Inc.


BA, Theatre, Communications