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Gaurav Saran

Founder and CEO


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United States


Delivering the world’s best way to return physical products: ReverseLogix. Our software unlocks value for leading brands like FedEx, Samsonite, Electrolux, Wilson and more. While at Microsoft, I learned two big things. 1. Entrepreneurship is truly possible. 2. There’s a glaring gap in the supply chain market: Returns. Companies deal with more returns than ever. 8% of all retail products are returned. The total value of 2019’s returned merchandise was over $624 billion(!). Yet most traditional supply chain systems fail to accommodate quality product returns. When I realized that yesterday’s basic systems are no longer fit for growing demand, ReverseLogix was born. WHAT WE DO: ReverseLogix is the market leader in Returns Management. Our software platform streamlines the entire reverse logistics journey, unlocking value at every stage of the cycle. While clunky in-house systems rarely add real value, with ReverseLogix our customers are up and running in 60 days. Since the start of my career I’ve been obsessed over one thing: The customer. It’s not just ReverseLogix customers who benefit from our software - their customers do too. Our clients add 15-25% in customer satisfaction (along with 5% to their net revenue). WANT TO TALK? World-class brands are using ReverseLogix to deliver a world-class service. We can do the same for your business. Want to find out how? Message me on LinkedIn, and let’s start a conversation.

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Founder and CEO at ReverseLogix


MBA, Global Strategic Management

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Manifest 2023