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Geoff Sheard


AGS Consulting, LLC

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United States


Dr. Sheard is a uniquely qualified engineer with over 30 years’ experience, initially in the aerospace industry and for the past 15 years in the fan industry. Dr. Sheard is the President of AGS Consulting LLC, a company specializing in the design and development of high efficiency fans intended for commercial and industrial applications. AGS Consulting provides its clients with the following services: • Definition current and forthcoming standards and their business impact. • Analysis of current products, and definition of development requirements. • Definition and delivery of new product development programs. • Definition and delivery of research programs required by new product development programs. • Drafting and filling of patent applications to protect new intellectual property. • Delivery of engineering design and analysis services clients do not have in-house. • Delivery of training in the use of computational methods. • Analysis of engineering processes, and the definition of development requirements. • Definition and delivery of new fan selection and parametric CAD engineering systems. • Delivery of training in the use of new engineering systems. • Provision of technical support, both pre- and post-order in all global regions. • Provision of technical support when entering a new market segment or territory. • Provision of technical support to resolve in-service technical problems.

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Current Position

President at AGS Consulting, LLC


DPhil, Aerodynamics

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2023 AHR Expo