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Giacomo Bernobi

Technical Sales Support


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If I should describe myself as an animal, I would probably choose the chamaleon. The chamaleon in me When I left home for the first time I was 19 and I moved to New Zealand; down there I first worked as housekeeper, then I tried as docker in a fishery downloading tuna fish all night long, and finally I got settled in the agricolture picking apples and grapes. Back home I retraced my steps back to my first love: German and Germany. I got a Bachelor degree in German Language and a two-years-MA degree in German Philology. During my MA degree I spent one year as Erasmus student in Munich and half an year in Munich (again!) to complete my master thesis. After the MA degree I felt the need to widen my communication skills in an international context. Audax fortuna iuvat: I was offered to follow a three-years-PhD program in German and Scandinavian Studies. Where? In Munich of course! (And of course I accepted what I still consider one of my best decisions ever!) Despite my post-doctoral target was to pursue the university career, I had to change direction once again: After 5 years in Germany I moved back to Italy where I started to work in the mechanical industry. What did all these experiences leave me? Now, this is what I call my „superpowers“: awareness of my own abilities (and limits), ability to adapt to new situations and ability to learn new skills. I first joined a company as technical translator and technical writer, but after a few years I preferred to focus on more customer-oriented jobs. We don't know what life has in store for us, but what is certain is that people and Germany will always be on my path. I read and study a lot and practice a lot of sport. And in sport as in life, the athlete most adaptable to change is the one that survives.

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Technical Sales Support at ENERBLUE S.R.L.


Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Germanistik