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Giselle Ugarte

CEO | Talent Manager & Business Development

the Talent Brokerage | Real Estate Talent Bureau

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United States


Hey! I'm Giselle Ugarte. That's pronounced: Jiz-elle Yoo-gar-dee, like “party'' My mission is for you to have a healthy relationship with social media and to show up as the most authentic and contagiously bold version of you, online and especially off. As a keynote speaker and a coach, I combine marketing strategy with personal development to teach entrepreneurs, executives and everyday people to build unshakable confidence, deeper connections and sustainable growth. My expertise comes from my experience (over-)sharing my journey over the last ten years with hundreds of thousands of people from all of the world who fire me up to step into my power and grow even more into myself every single day online. I was a marketing executive, radio personality, television host and, at one point, even a full-time blogger, always dedicated to putting my audience first and being who my younger self needed. I'm still figuring it out, day by day, but there's one thing I know for sure: you already have everything you need to be who you were made to be. I look forward to growing with you.

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Current Position

CEO | Talent Manager & Business Development at the Talent Brokerage | Real Estate Talent Bureau


Bachelor’s Degree, Communication, Journalism