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Graham Wilkinson

EVP, Chief Innovation Officer / Product Strategy & Innovation


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United States


▶ KEY VALUE OFFERING: Complex problem solver and decisive mobilizer. Building and leading strong multi-disciplinary teams, within the ad industry, that generate new revenue. Proven track record of incubating and launching novel products and business models, and transforming existing products. Developing global tech partnerships, some of which include Google, Meta, Oracle, and Amazon, to derive maximum value for both parties. ▶ PRODUCT INNOVATION: Deploy innovation processes, disciplines and thinking to deliver on both iterative and transformational objectives. Foster a company-wide culture of innovation to maximize throughput and ROI on innovation investment. ▶ PRODUCT MANAGEMENT & GROWTH: Combine solutions strategy with product management to generate and evaluate new ideas that expand product ecosystems and generate incremental revenue. In addition, take existing products and evolve them to meet current and future market needs. ▶ FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Monitor the pulse of organizational culture and industry dynamics with a 360-degree lens. Engineer viable business models committed to ROI while evolving client-centric mission of growth and financial solvency. ▶ LEADERSHIP & RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Recognized by peers as connector and catalyst with deep understanding of the needs of partners and the product distribution landscape in a competitive, rapidly changing environment.

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Current Position

EVP, Chief Innovation Officer / Product Strategy & Innovation at Kinesso


Bachelor of Science - BS, Data Science