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Graham Wloch

Director Of Business Development

Visual Components

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United States


For the last 10 years I have used my experience to understand and help my customers overcome challenges and solve “pain points”. By matching custom solutions with individual needs and goals I have developed strong ongoing relationships with the Visual Components user community. I may not have the solution for everyone (I’ll tell you if I don’t) but if I do then I am fully committed to a partnership that leads to mutual success. Integrity, honesty, dedication, and passion are the points on my compass that “true North” direction. It started back in high school in drafting class. There was just something about clean lines on a paper that were an exact match to something real. Since I can’t actually draw anything more advanced than stick people drafting allowed me to put pencil to paper and create something amazing. As fun (and frustrating) as a drafting board can be like many other things technology evolved and I went digital. This shift is a direct parallel to manufacturing today. We now live in a world where the big no longer eats the small, instead the fast eat the slow. Despite how great my lines were on that paper I have no doubt that if that was my only marketable skill I would be in trouble. In much the same way understanding manufacturing with 2D drawings and Excel sheets leave companies at a huge disadvantage when being compared to companies, using simulation, when competing for the same job. As everything around us changes and progresses we need to do the same. The “because that’s how we have always done it crowd” continues to fall farther and farther behind and soon may not be relevant. SALES GROWTH: $2M of revenue generated within first 18 months. Joined VC in technical liaison role. Company sales had stagnated. I filled a void that bridged the gap between technical sales and pure hardcore software development, while complementing the sales team. NEW BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: 50% sales increase over 5 years. Technical aptitude coupled with business acumen successfully developed reseller and OEM partner networks in Americas that generated significant sales growth through the penetration of unchartered markets. RECORD AFTER RECORD: Four years of record-breaking sales performance. Exploiting technical knowledge, manufacturing process prowess coupled with entrepreneurial spirit drove peer team to achieve record sales three years running through execution of Sandler sales methodology transforming past sales practices and delivery year over year records results.

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Director Of Business Development at Visual Components


Associate's degree, CAD/CADD Drafting and/or Design Technology/Technician

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