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Hallie Bregman, PhD


The Bregman Group, LLC

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United States


There are two things I love: people and data. Humans are at the heart of everything, and my roots as a psychologist taught me to be empathetic, to listen, and to be research-based in my approach. Here is what that means to me: - Being empathetic: Understanding the experiences of others - Listening: Not being a “know-it-all” - Being research-based: Only drawing conclusions when the data backs it up The world we live in is full of data. You can no longer operate without it. Using data taught me to think critically, to ask good questions, to understand assumptions, and to innovate. Here is what that means to me: - Critical thinking: Analyzing all the things - Asking questions: Because there is always more to understand - Understanding assumptions: Recognizing that we always have assumptions - Innovating: Never stop changing At The Bregman Group, I stick to what I love. - Measuring what matters - Improving employee experiences - Showing change in outcomes Specialties: People Analytics - Diversity - Equity - Inclusion - Employee Experience - HR Tech Want to talk about people and data? Email me at

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CEO at The Bregman Group, LLC


PhD, Clinical Psychology