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Hayley Grant

VP, Strategy and PCS | Vayner Consulting x Vaynermedia


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United States


School of being nice & working hard. Church of empathy & culture. I lead strategy for Vayner Consulting and still not over Prince leaving us. I’m proud that I wrote this 7(?) years ago and I’m still living it: I love helping brands build experiences that make people's lives healthier, easier, funnier, or more connected. I love working with a team to find winning combinations of insight, concept, creativity, and technology. I specialize in insight mining, creative workshops, storytelling, managing digital/integrated/social campaigns, and building brand strategies at the intersection of the consumer, culture, and business goals. I'm on a mission to harness the magic that happens when we use technology to magnify our humanity. I tell corny jokes, (still) blog about music, and know approximately 7 songs on the ukulele. Obsessed with good people and strongly dislike egos. If you've got one of those, swipe left. This is my motto to be one of those people: Show up. Be present. Be positive. Bring snacks. Be the bigger person. Forget fear. Do your best for yourself and for your teammates; they'll work harder for you if they see you working hard for them. Actually read the thing. Read the thing again. Be the most humble know-it-all you can be. Let people know you recognize their hard work. Be a cheerleader. Lead from the bench. Be strong enough to be vulnerable. Mess up. Figure it out (everyone else is). Just Google it. ALWAYS be curious. Tell jokes. Take a damn break. See your friends. And for Pete's sake don't take yourself too seriously. I used to be a werewolf but I'm alright nooooowwww ow ow ow!

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Current Position

VP, Strategy and PCS | Vayner Consulting x Vaynermedia at VaynerMedia


Bachelor of Advertising, Journalism and Mass Communications