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Holly LaBoda

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Your team is selling deals and landing clients. That's all you need, right? Think again. Tell me if this sounds like you: - Your revenue is highly influenced by shifts in the market, economy, or your talent - Your employees are competing for deals based on price - You are losing more customers than you'd like (high churn) - If you do get a whale on the line, leaders have to swoop in to close the deal or save the day when issues arise - You're fighting fires between your leaders and different functions - Your employees are getting burned out and you can't take a break All of these are things that might indicate you need to adjust your customer strategy. You need more balance in the types of deals your teams are selling and the relationships you have with clients. And you need to be able to execute on those relationships. That's where I come in. Our team can help you assess what's great about your current strategy and where you can make changes for better results. And unlike some consultants, we don't just tell you in theory how to do it, we help you do it and enable you to continue to do it. Sound interesting? Message me, let's set up a free consult.

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Get, keep, and grow your ideal clients at Luminaries Consulting


Master of Science - MS, Training & Performance Improvement