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Jacob Norris

President and Creative Director

Sierra Division LLC

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United States


Skilled 3D Artist with Over 15+ years experience in both 3D Modeling and Digital Art. Multiple leadership roles in which I worked with others to create levels and design 3D Environments. Acquired time management and organizational skills through hard work ethic and team oriented projects. Composition and color scheme techniques learned through experience and professional studies. A vast knowledge of Video Game genres and art styles. Professional work experience with many other talented individuals on AAA Video Game Titles. Specialties: • 3DS Max/Maya : High Poly, Low Poly, Lighting, Sub-D Modeling, Hypershade, Shaders, Animations, Baking • The Unreal Engine : Blueprint, Level Design, Shader Networks, Lighting, Terrain, etc. • CryEngine – Level Design, Advanced Lighting, Shader Setup, Sky Setup, Terrain, Post Effects, etc. • Z Brush : Organic Sculpts, Synthetic Objects, Z Mapping, ZSpheres, Dynamesh • Photoshop : Photomanipulation, Texturing, Digital Painting, Alpha Creation, PS Actions • Substance Designer : Creating Procedural Textures and Materials • Photogrammetry and 3D Scan surface experience

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Current Position

President and Creative Director at Sierra Division LLC


Bachelors of Science, Game Art and Design

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